Membership & FAQ

Newport Velo Club Membership (£10 a Calendar Year)

Membership form 2019 newport velo (Download)

Link to join Newport Velo YCC directly from the British Cycling Website 

Parental Consent Form for Sunday Rides (Please print and complete in advance)

British Cycling (Part Year Membership Available)

British Cycling Youth Membership (Free License)

Find upcoming Races at British Cycling

Ready to Start Racing?

In order to race members will need

  1. A British Cycling membership & Race license (last for a year and give insurance cover). It is possible to enter some events on a day license.
  2. Newport Velodrome Team kit available to purchase on Saturday morning via the Club Secretary.
  3. A bike with the appropriate gearing for the rider’s age group (hire bikes can’t be used for racing at Newport Velodrome)
    1. The gearing is checked at the sign in for the event and sometimes for the winners immediately after the race finishes.
    1. Road bikes can have the rear cassette limited to achieve the maximum gearing allowed (stops the derailleur moving all the way across – expect to be rechecked if you win).
  4. Speak to the coaches about up-coming events and readiness of your child to race.
  5. Aim for the first few events to be about the experience and not about winning.
  6. Each race will be max effort and your child will need to refuel before each event (typical 3 races over 2 hours). Don’t try new foods/drinks on a race day. Work out during training what works for your child. Each child is different. It’s a good idea to take a bike stand and a chair to races especially outdoor tracks like Maindy, Reading etc .

Gearing (Restricted by Age Groups)

British Cycling restricts the maximum gearing for racing based on age groups in two year blocks, based on the riders age at the start of a calendar year (U16, U14 & U10 – children must be over 10 to ride at Newport).

Children are restricted in terms of the maximum distance the bike can travel per revolution of the pedals. The distance is limited through the combination of the large chain ring (by the pedals) and the small toothed cog (on the wheel).

Youth C/U12 limited to 6.05m, example gearing 48×17

Youth B/U14 limited to 6.45m, example gearing 48×16

Youth A/U16 limited to 6.93m, example gearing 48×15

Additional information is available below, including other gearing ratios –

Link to Gearing Chart & table of max. gearing based on age group (External Site)

Need a Bike?

Have a chat with Matt Hill for advice. He’ll point you towards a secondhand bargain or ones to avoid.

Accreditation Test (Ages 12+)

Track Cycling Info – Newport Live

Riders wishing to take an Accreditation test must have been approved by their coach from the Improver Course or from attending drop-in sessions. It is not possible to book onto the Accreditation unless this has taken place. Riders who have indoor Velodrome experience at other sites are welcome to attend lunchtime drop-in sessions but will not be able to book straight onto an Accreditation. Riders with questions relating to the accreditation process or with outdoor Velodrome experience looking to ride indoors should contact us on 01633 656757 and ask to speak with the Track Development Officer.