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Cycling National Bodies

British Cycling – Home Page

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Training Tips

British Cycling Insights/Training Tips

GCN turbo training videos

Work out your power without a Power Meter (Under Hill Climbing)

How to clean your bike after a road ride (PS Not your parents)

GCN 5 Minute Bike Wash

GCN 30 Minute Bike Wash

Race Day Prep

Newport Velo Cycling Kit bag check list

How To Maintain Your Bikes And Set Up Tips

GCN How To Index Your Gears

GCN How To Set Your Saddle Height

GCN 10 Things To Always Take On Your Bike Ride

Helmet and Gloves Are Mandatory On The Track

Helmet Check (Video)

How to change & set up Cleats (Video)

Nutrition & Eating

British Cycling Nutrition

Flapjack (Easy to make, you know what’s in them and cheaper than bought)

(Steve Marshall likes these….)

100g Butter

75g Soft Brown Sugar

75g Golden Syrup

Melt in a microwave for about 2mins 30seconds at 900w, until all liquid

Add 200- 225g Porridge Oats (Adjust to taste/preference)

And some of the following –

Dried Apricots, Sultanas, Dried Mango, Cranberries, Smarties or M&M

Mix together and then press down in a flat microwaveable dish (Parchment/Greaseproof paper will make it easier to get out)

Microwave at 600W for 3min 20secs to 3mins 40secs. Allow to cool, but cut while slightly warm.       Enjoy……………and remember poor old Steve.


Changing bar tape

Race/Event Descriptions

Track Cycling Event descriptions (World Track Championship Level)
Under construction April 2017 Under Development

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